Rat Bastard

December 28, 2008

This morning I returned home from my 7 a.m. blood draw (plus one-hour drive each way) to discover that an unwanted house guest had returned.

This is what I discovered, in the kitchen drawer for potholders and dishrags.


Why would a bandage from a previous blood draw be in the kitchen drawer?

Only one explanation: Rat Bastard! Or more accurately, Mouse Bastard!

DH’s explanation was that “maybe it fell off your arm and you didn’t notice.” Um, no.

No, what happened was that I threw it away in the trash can. Then the Mouse Bastard retrieved it from the trash, ignoring the many varieties of food in the trash and zeroing in on the delicious bundle of gauze and tape, flavored enticingly with my blood.

There is no accounting for taste.

In the photo you will note the special plastic containers holding the drawer contents. I previously outfitted most of the kitchen drawers with these containers to protect the contents from the bastards who moved in last year. Today, at least I don’t have to sterilize everything inside again.

On the bottom right of the photo you will notice a tiny piece of poo. The contents of the containers may be sealed safely inside, but I am still not happy about poo being in the kitchen drawers.

I have tried to coexist, but my patience for the mouse is dwindling. Maybe I will follow Lori’s lead and get rid of the mouse. I have tolerated it in the walls and drawers, but Lori raised the possibility the Mouse Bastard might visit my bed. I will not stand for that. Do I violate my vegetarian principles and make the mouse go away? If I get pregnant, I certainly don’t want mice in the house contaminating things. Even if I’m not pregnant, I think I am done with the mouse. It’s kind of interesting to see what he will choose from the trash next, but it’s also infuriating.

In other news, the 3rd blood and ultrasound of IVF/ICSI #2 went okay, except for being so early. I’m making progress, but not there yet. I have 5 follicles over 10mm right now, the largest at 16. I actually was hoping for more follicles, but last time I had about half a dozen in the last ultrasound and ended up with 13 eggs retrieved and 10 mature, so it might turn out better than it looks. If not, then hopefully ICSI will fertilize the existing eggs nicely.

What this means is that I need to do at least one more day of injections (Gonal-F, Repronex, and Centrotide). Which would be fine except that I used the last box of Centrotide yesterday. Which therefore means that I must drive 40 minutes to the pharmacy and get more. I had a bit of a dilemma about how many days’ worth to buy. It’s $72 per day. Buy one and risk another trip back to the pharmacy tomorrow, or buy two and risk wasting $72? The nurse thought that I’d probably need two days, but it might be only one day. My acupuncture appointment tomorrow is halfway to the pharmacy, so it’s really about 45 minutes of extra time to drive back to the pharmacy tomorrow if necessary. At this point 45 minutes of my time is worth less than $72, so I’m only buying one.

This is how DH thinks about almost everything, and it is clearly rubbing off.

The real question today is who will be driving to the pharmacy.

In favor of me:

  • DH has a lot of work to do today
  • I could stop at the shop where I bought the Mojo Socks on the way home and get myself a pair for the upcoming retrieval/transfer (if they let me wear my own socks, which they usually don’t)
  • I could stop at a particular specialty market that has my favorite specialty salad dressing; the one in my fridge was thrown out after the ice storm/blackout

In favor of DH:

  • I have work to do today too (though it may not get done)
  • I already drove 2 hours this morning, one of the hours before dawn
  • I slept 4 hours and he slept 8

Wait, DH just came home from the gym while I was writing this post. I told him of the need to obtain the medication. He said cheerily, “Of course I’ll go!” DH is the absolute best.

Mojo socks will have to wait… maybe not for long, though, if I have another unexpected trip to the pharmacy tomorrow.


11 Responses to “Rat Bastard”

  1. Carbon Says:

    The last time we had a mouse I used a live trap (they are cheap, plastic, you can buy them online) to snag it, and I released it in a big field with some railroad tracks where it was probably a meal for a hawk. I’m not exactly sure that was more humane than a kill trap, but maybe it found other mice to live with and had a happy mouse life…

  2. 'Murgdan' Says:

    Ugh. I had a mouse couple who was visiting my kitchen a few weeks ago. I am pround to report we are now mouse free (unfortunately violence was the only way to go as they were brazen enough to actually show their faces in daylight) EEEEEKKKK!

  3. Guy Says:

    Mice are not pleasant in the house! (Black rats are worse.) A few years ago, we had an invasion of mice. Our cat would snooze under the dining room table and simply wait for a mouse to show up. She caught a mouse four days running. That activated me to find how they were getting in. I went through the crawl space and blocked every opening I could find. The critical one was extra space around the drain pipes from the kitchen sink. A little 1/4″ screening around that, and never a mouse in the house since. (Keeping them out of the basement has proved a so-far insurmountable challenge, as has keeping squirrels out of the attic.)

  4. Cara Says:

    We heard some scratching in the walls this morning too!!!!! Hasn’t made it to my drawers though.

    I vote for extermination – if you can catch him.

  5. a Says:

    I hate having mice – and I’m always the first to see them. When we were building our house, I saw one in the bedroom. I had to kill it so it wouldn’t get into the walls and make a nest and start a family (might be time to get a trap?). I don’t like killing mice, but I’d rather not live with them.

    Thumbs up to the husband for volunteering to make the medication run!

    P.S. Now that I see the contest prize, I’m even more disappointed that I didn’t win.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Those follies are looking great…good luck at your next scan!

    We had mice in the house I grew up in…several mice…momma mouse had babies! It was very interesting…like yours, the kitchen cabinets/drawers were their fav! Good luck with all of it!

  7. Kara Says:

    I have been waging a full out assault on ants for the last 5 days because nothing says the holidays with some extra ant protein in your food.

    To top it all off – my MIL was here the entire time……. Enough said.

    YAY – your DH sounds fab, what a man!

  8. Bunny Says:

    we had a little mouse issue this fall. we were pretty successful in getting rid of them by making sure that any holes or ways into the house were blocked. good luck!

  9. celiadelia Says:

    We are in an apartment and have had “guests” on and off for months. I have tried everything. Right now we are at what I suppose could be described as a detente.

    They pop in from the neighbors and I break out the poison. Then they keep their distance for a while.

    I keep everything in ziplocks, the freezer or plastic tubs too. Plus the big things that can’t be bagged get re-washed.

    HATE IT. I feel your pain. I even stopped inviting people over for fear that one would come tap dancing out in front of company.

  10. liddy Says:

    Ugh! Mice. This year was the first year we did not have unwelcomed guests. We went with the sticky traps because the mice were to small for snap traps. The mice were only spared when they landed in the garbage can.

    The Unfair Struggle

  11. April Says:

    yea for IVF #2, boo for mice! maybe he took the bandage into the drawer to use as his bed? it’s nice and cushy, right? having mice around does bother me, but not as much as the mystery of how they get into these weird places. it makes me want to set up hidden cameras. hopefully he doesn’t chill out in your bed! yikes!!!

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