Show and Tell: Creme contest

December 14, 2008

This week’s Show and Tell is a little different. I’d like to have another giveaway!

This is the last week that you can submit for Creme de la Creme. Go and do it right now, if you haven’t already. Really, it’s fun and community building and thought-provoking. When you’re done, come back. I’ll wait.

(Feelings, woah-oh-oh, feelings, woah-oh-oh, feel you again in my arms)

All done? Good.

In the spirit of Creme de la Creme and the general holiday season, I’d like to play a little game. Can you guess which post I submitted for Creme de la Creme? (Lollipop Goldstein is not eligible this time, since she knows what I submitted to her. Sorry.)

It seems that many people who participate in Creme de la Creme have a hard time picking out their favorite post. Other people probably know immediately which one to submit. As for me, my gut reaction pointed straight to one particular post, but being meticulous and systematic by nature, I went through all of the posts since I had started blogging in July to judge their relative merits. I came up with 10 candidates. I then asked DH to read these 10 posts and pick the best one. He chose the one that my gut had picked in the first place.

Can you guess which post my husband and I both chose as our favorite post in the history of this blog?

The first person who chooses the correct post will win a moderately fabulous prize (here’s a hint — it’s pottery). If you win, you must be willing to give me a mailing address so that I can send the prize to you (or a mailing address for someone else if you’re in the giving mood). You can submit your answer via comment or email; you must submit your guess by Thursday 12/18 at midnight EST.

No photo of the prize to offer you — mine is one of the more than 1 million homes in the Northeast without power right now, thanks to a big ol’ ice storm. We are crashing a couple of hours away with a friend, but my camera and the subject of the potential photo are in my darkened, frigid house. Anyway, the winner will get to pick between a couple of prizes, so you’ll need to wait until next Show and Tell to see a picture of the prize — assuming that my power has been restored by then.

Go console Ms. Goldstein for her prize-ineligibility by enjoying the rest of Show and Tell.


10 Responses to “Show and Tell: Creme contest”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I honestly don’t know which post y’all picked. I hope someone manages to guess and gets a piece of your fabulous pottery.

  2. Wishing4One Says:

    Oh you so know I am going to hunt now, mom wants another piece of your fabulous pottery! I’ll get back to you….xoxoxox

  3. 'Murgdan' Says:

    Ok. I’ll throw out a guess (I’ll do anything for your awesome pottery).

    I guess…’Remembering’ on October 20th, 2008.

    Great idea. 🙂

  4. Cara Says:

    I’m in!! But – not right now. I have a Christmas pageant to go throw together at the last minute even thought I SWEAR we tried be on top of it this year!

  5. Ok, I think it is either the “Grandmother” post, or your “Guest Post” (on my site). Hmmmmm….. But there are so many good ones to choose from….

    I pick your “Grandmother” post. Even if I am not right, it is till one of my favorites!

  6. Michell Says:

    I don’t know either but it sounds like a fun contest.

  7. Mel Says:

    Oh you suck!

    I’m going to be selling clues over at my blog 🙂

  8. WiseGuy Says:

    You mean you want to review all your back posts. How mean!


  9. WiseGuy Says:

    Okay….Here’s my pick! It’s a September post you did—>

    And you are correct about choosing one post for Creme de la Creme. I picked one and submitted and I still keep on thinking, I could have sent this one or that one or the other one!

  10. WiseGuy Says:

    So when do the results come out? I am guessing that nobody hit the bullseye!

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