Care Package?

November 27, 2008

I will not be writing about Thanksgiving today. Not that I am not thankful for many things, but we are not doing Thanksgiving this year. At all.

Instead, to make it easy for ICLW commenters and also to make it easier for me to do a good deed, I would like to enlist the help of the Internets. I’ve seen so many of my infertile bloggy friends on bedrest for weeks or even months, so some of you may have firsthand experience, and the rest of you are full of good ideas, I’m sure.

One of my relatives just had major surgery. He’s going to be okay, but he’ll be immobile for a while.

So, if you were going to create a care package for someone who will be stuck at home, essentially unable to move, for a couple of months, what would you send? I will start the list out with the obvious.

  1. DVD of Rear Window

Feel free to go wild with your suggestions, since I am the one paying rather than you. 🙂

Thanks in advance!


8 Responses to “Care Package?”

  1. Barreness Says:

    Good books a must:

    Illywhacker; True History of the Kelly Gang; Jack Maggs: Peter Carey
    Bronze Horseman (could NOT put it down): Pauline Simons
    Uncle Tungsten: Oliver Sachs

    and so many others..

  2. WiseGuy Says:

    An iPod? Books…what is his taste…If he sketches and all, a drawing pad and instruments? A scrapbook or diary?

  3. babysmiling Says:

    @Wiseguy: He has multiple iPods and more gadgets than you can imagine.

    Sketchpad is a great idea! I have a gorgeous leather sketchpad that a friend gave me that’s just been collecting dust for a couple of years.

    @Barreness: Thanks for the suggestions! I may have to check out some of those myself. 🙂

  4. Clio Says:

    also put in some inspirational, I’d even dare say something from the self-help shelf if you think that it would apply. Because the mind can still wander and expand consciousness while the body is in stillness.
    In other words, something empowering that could put his mind to the work of expediting healing.

  5. I am a puzzle fiend. I love crosswords, variety puzzles and all things sudoku.
    What about a DVD collection like Planet Earth?

  6. WiseGuy Says:

    Aaaarrgh…. I forgot that you were asking for ‘creative’ suggestions…

    Hey, do post about what all you got added into the package!

  7. Malky B. Says:

    Books, computer games for whatever game system he has, crosswords – if he likes that, his favorite snacks.

  8. stephanie Says:

    What about something like a NetFlix subscription? That way they can pick the movies they like over and over.

    Suduko. Definately suduko in some form (paper or electronic).

    One of those multi compartment plastic buckets (like for college bathroom gear, cleaning supplies, etc) that can be filled with remotes, water bottles, snacks, books, etc so it’s not cluttering up the bedside – stable enough to be on the bed. (no more rolling over on the remote and wondering where it went)

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