Gallows Humor

November 26, 2008

DH and I just watched this week’s Law and Order: SVU. (By the way, the episode, “Persona”, talks a lot about fertility and reproductive rights — try to catch it online or when it gets rerun; by then you’ll forget my spoiler.) A couple in their 60s are talking separately to the detectives. The husband says that they weren’t able to have children and that the wife was diagnosed infertile. The wife says that she was secretly on the pill the whole time (it sounds horrible, but it makes sense in the context of the plot).

DH: How could the husband be so blind for so long? Any husband would know she was on the pill that whole time.
Me: She could hide the pills, easy. That’s what I’ve been doing all these years! (I begin rolling around laughing, literally.)
DH, stony faced: That is the least funny thing you have ever said.

I think it’s hilarious. You?

15 Responses to “Gallows Humor”

  1. Annie Says:

    I think you are funny 🙂

    In the book About What was Lost (stories about miscarriage and loss), one of the writers talks about her and her husband made a joke of all the horrible things people said to them after their loss. I get that kind of humor, it is a way of dealing with pain.

  2. Imogen Says:

    I saw that episode. For what it’s worth I think your comment was funny 😀

  3. WiseGuy Says:

    Errr….it did not really appear funny in the first go. Maybe you and DH were in different frame of mind!

    Second go, yes I can possibly smile about it now.

    Law and Order…hmmm….

  4. April Says:

    ha ha. i thought it was funny, but mostly b/c i was picturing him all stone faced. 🙂

    i did watch the episode, though and was trying to decide how i felt about the fact that they never addressed the pharmacit’s comments at the beginning. that was totally unresolved for me.

    maybe he didn’t know she was on the pill b/c he was in a wheelchair? 🙂

  5. Mermaid Says:

    Totally funny! That’s my sense of humor, all the way. My DH wouldn’t have liked it either.

  6. I saw that last night!

    I think it’s funny. But I can also see not finding it funny.

    Gawd….when I think of all the time and $$ we wasted on bc before we knew the pointlessness of it all.

  7. birdsandsquirrels Says:

    Haha, I think that is hilarious.

    I think the only way to get through this infertility crap is with humor. My husband and I try to make light of our situation whenever we can, in private, obviously. My favorite is the song my husband made up about his crappy morphology.

  8. loribeth Says:

    I thought it was funny. : )

    But the storyline, as you’ve explained it (not having seen the show) kind of bothers me, for some reason. I just wonder how many people watching the episode now think that happens in real life? I mean, it might, but I’m sure it’s not a common scenario. It doesn’t tend to put infertility in a good light, know what I mean? It kind of diminishes infertility as an issue.

  9. Alicia Says:

    haha! my DH would flip out too!!! haha. totally funny though!

    thanks for your comment on my blog, it is soooo neat how baby’s can hear already!! i will keep up with Dr Seuss! (iclw)

  10. babysmiling Says:

    Update: DH admitted that it was funny after all.

    @April: The pharmacist was definitely portrayed in a negative light, but not dwelled on. DH said he liked the little extra social commentary thrown in. I guess it depends on your expectations as a viewer!

    @Loribeth: It was much better than it sounds. It does portray the pain of infertility, even if it’s not “real” IF. What’s really presented in a bad light is women making unilateral reproductive decisions.

  11. KandiB Says:

    If we can’t laugh at ourselves, than who can? I liked your comment. For sure. ICLW

  12. Sam Says:

    ooooh, that hit your hubby’s un-funny bone didn’t it!!?

    It is sad though to think that there are possibly some people out there that will go to such lengths to deceive others, others that they supposedly love – I mean take that man in the UK who pretended that he drown canoeing – his wife was in on it, but their sons believed that he was dead. How horrible.

  13. Malky B. Says:

    I could see how he would not think that was funny. Glad he came around though.

  14. stephanie Says:

    I think you have to find a sense of humor when your going through life – be it IF or just life in general. Personally, I think it was funny in a twisted sort of way.


  15. hahaha, I think that’s totally funny, but I know my husband wouldn’t have laughed either. However, we did have a ton of ivf jokes that we probably couldn’t have shared with other people without making them uncomfortable. You kind of have to.

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