November 12, 2008

With my hysteroscopy scheduled for Friday, I decided to avoid surprises by calling the RE’s office to confirm that my insurance coverage for the surgery was all set. After half an hour on the phone talking to multiple members of their staff, here is what happened:

“Insurance approved for hysteroscopy, at 100% coverage.” Hooray! Finally a tangible benefit from my new insurance and therefore from my new job. Almost makes the 14-hour days and 6-day weeks worth it. Almost.

“You owe us hundreds of dollars.” What? How come the last bill that I just paid didn’t say anything? “(after 10 minutes on hold) Nevermind, we just forgot to take some old charges off your account.” Phew.

Can I get partial insurance coverage for the next IVF? “We can’t contact your insurance for authorization until after the hysteroscopy.” What if I get my period between the hysteroscopy and whenever authorization finally comes through? Would I have to miss that cycle? “We can’t get insurance authorization or set the cycle in motion or do anything else until after the hysteroscopy.” But then I might have to wait a month for the cycle. Is there any way we can… “We can’t get insurance authorization or set the cycle in motion or do anything else until after the hysteroscopy.”

Uh, ok. I guess I will wait. “(surprisingly sweetly, after a very brusque 30 minutes, punctuated by large blocks of time spent on hold) My name is S. Call me anytime, honey. Bye!”


6 Responses to “Insured”

  1. luna Says:

    best of luck with the procedure. I’ve had a few too.

  2. geohde Says:

    Ack. Red tape is the worst. So are people who simply blindly follow the algorithm they’re taught without evern allowing neurones to rub together…


  3. samcy Says:

    cool news about the hysteroscopy being 100% covered 😉 but sorry about the waiting and red tape to get it all sorted…

    I thought that one had to take a month off after a hysteroscopy anyway before cycling to heal? Maybe I’m wrong….

    Wishing you all the best Babysmiling 🙂

  4. Murgdan Says:

    Ugh. Time and Insurance…two of my greatest enemies right now. Good luck!

  5. Good luck on Friday. I’ll be sending good vibes your way.

  6. babysmiling Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    @Sam — Apparently it depends on the results of the hysteroscopy. Originally they’d planned to do the surgery while I was on BCP in preparation for the IVF cycle, so Dr. Full Steam Ahead doesn’t seem to insist on a month to wait. If I am able to start the next cycle right away, the actual IVF stuff wouldn’t occur for more than a month after the hysteroscopy anyway, thanks to the month of BCP.

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