November 11, 2008

I purchased an Ov-Watch about a year and a half ago, in a last ditch attempt to let nature take its course before we finally turned to Dr. Full Steam Ahead for the big guns of IF treatment.

I actually like the idea, much easier and possibly more reliable than OPK kits and certainly less effort than charting. I think it probably helps a lot of women, especially the newly TTC who don’t know a lot about how their bodies work.

Once a month, their email newsletter arrives in my inbox, telling me about the media coverage of the watch and featuring some testimonials. The website is also full of testimonials from women that the watch has helped. The women write about how they got pregnant the first month they tried, or how they tried for three whole months before using the watch and then got pregnant after only four months with the watch. A miracle! There are even some testimonials from women who aren’t pregnant yet but are still very happy with the watch because they don’t like peeing on sticks.

Trista from The Bachelorette is their celebrity spokesmommy. It took her almost two years to get pregnant, and the watch really helped her know when to have sex because of all of the times that she and her husband had failed to do it because one of them was away on vacation.

The company actually pays its customers to write testimonials, which may be part of the reason that they have so many more testimonials than any other product I’ve ever seen. The prize varies, but it’s generally somewhere around $25, a gift card for Target or a baby-related store.

Here is the testimonial I have decided to write.

Dear Ov-Watch,

I just had to write in and tell you about my experience with your product!!! I had been trying to conceive for five long years when I found out about your watch. I had tried everything — charting, ovulation predictors, fertility treatments, sex — and nothing had worked. I was hopeful and eager to try your watch, especially with your Mother by Mother’s Day program, in which you’d send me 3 extra months of sensors if I didn’t get pregnant in the first 3 months. You were that confident about your product!

One thing I liked a lot was that the watch itself would remind me to wear it every day. On days when I’d forgotten to wear it by 6pm, or on days when I had worn it for 18 hours but the sensor had failed and the watch didn’t register anything, it would beep to remind me! Every half hour! Beep! People would say, what’s that constant beeping? Beep! What beeping, I don’t hear anything? Beep! Oh, that stupid watch. Beep! Why is it still beeping? Beep!

I really liked the style of the watch. I felt like I was a glamorous woman at an aerobics studio in 1982.

The best part was how it would tell me exactly when to “do the deed” with my husband. Whenever he would initiate the act of marital intimacy, I only needed to look at my watch. “NF” for not fertile? Sorry, buster, try again another day. “Fertile day?” Go for it, big boy!

On months when the fertile days occurred when one of us was out of town, the watch was a helpful reminder that we were squandering our 30s and would remain childless for at least one month longer.

I wore your watch religiously for over half a year. It keep telling me when I was ovulating, but I didn’t get pregnant. Finally I decided to see another fertility specialist. I had just run out of sensors, so I didn’t wear the watch during the cycle that he was monitoring. He said that I didn’t ovulate that cycle. I’m not sure if I failed to ovulate during other cycles, or if the one cycle that the doctor was watching was the one cycle that I didn’t ovulate. Maybe my ovaries got nervous because he was watching? Maybe they missed the Ov-Watch?

I would like to close by saying: Thanks so much, Ov-Watch! Thanks for nothing!


8 Responses to “Testimonial”

  1. Annie Says:

    Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. I mean, I know the experience itself isn’t funny, but your letter is perfect. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we just need to laugh after all this crap.

  2. Cara Says:

    So – they gonna pay you $25 for that? Right on! Cash in girl!

  3. Murgdan Says:

    Yeah, I was always a little skeptical about the great Ov-Watch. But the truth is, I considered it…and in reality it could have told me I was ovulating from here until the end of time and it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference.

    Do you think they’ll come out with a ‘Sperm-Watch’ or a ‘Testicle Watch’…because it would be much more helpful for me to know when his sperm count is at it’s “peak”…if there is ever a ‘peak’.

    🙂 Too funny.

  4. April Says:

    🙂 you’re cute.

    did you wear a headband and other 1982 aerobics attire that would make the watch blend in?

  5. Nity Says:

    Please tell me you sent this letter. It was AWESOME.

  6. Malky B. Says:

    I can’t stop laughing! This is too funny. We once mentioned the OV-Watch on our site and then kept getting hits for “OV-Watch not working”. That kind of turned me off from even trying it – also hate the idea of having to sleep with it on.

  7. Lynn Says:

    That was a much needed laugh, thank you.

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