A guest post brought to you by the Great Blog Cross Pollination

November 9, 2008

The Great Blogging Cross-Pollination

(The following post was written by a mysterious stranger… details at the end)

I just looked at my “favorites” list on my computer, and found a link to baby bedding that I had added a few weeks ago. Just because I have not adopted a baby yet does not mean that I cannot look… right? Anyway, the stuff is pricey. I really think I will try to make some of it myself. Poor kid is going to be one of those sad little children that gets made fun of because her mom makes her clothes. (However, if that really were the case, she’d be wearing pillow-case type dresses with a sash in the middle!)

But looking at the baby bedding reminded me of when we decided to start trying. I was convinced it would only take a couple of months before we got pregnant. I remember looking on eBay for maternity clothes, and actually almost buying some (they made it as far as my “watch” list). The only thing that prevented me from buying some of them was that I was not entirely sure what size I would need. I decided to go to a maternity store and try stuff on so I would know what size to look for. Well, time went by, and I never went in to the maternity store. And before I knew it, we were visiting the RE “store.”

It makes me sad to see maternity stores. My eyes often sting when I walk by. I would love to wear those clothes. I would love to have that feeling…. having other woman look at me with awe and admiration. Who doesn’t love the pregnant lady? And I would love to feel what it is like to have a baby move inside of me…. to have my husband lay with his hands on my stomach feeling the baby kick…. and yes, even feel what it is like to scream my head off during delivery.

Instead, I get the runner-up prize. I get to scream my head off in frustration. I get to cherish my (not really) flat stomach. I get to have my husband lay his hands on my (empty) stomach and feel hunger rumblings instead of baby kicks. Instead of tears of happiness in sharing my news, I get to have tears of hurt and anger when discussing this cruel predicament.

But I also know that I can someday adopt a child, and have that child help me forget all about my previous desires written above. Because when our child comes into our lives – no matter how it happens – none of the above will matter anymore anyway.

Note from Baby Smiling: Let’s play a game! Go to the Cross Pollination list and look at the list of 9 other ladies who are sans children. Then, leave a comment with your guess as to the guest blogger’s identity! You can choose at random, or you can make an educated guess based on your past knowledge of each blogger’s writing style. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

After you make your guess, go read my cross-pollinated post and find out the identity of our special guest blogger.

(Edited: Here is the permalink to the cross-pollinated post that I wrote.)


2 Responses to “A guest post brought to you by the Great Blog Cross Pollination”

  1. geohde Says:

    Again, an absolutely fantastic post oh mystery one. IF has the eternal gift that keeps on giving, grief, loss, missed opportunities and the eternal what if?


  2. Danielle Says:

    My guess is….GreenEggsNHam

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