November 6, 2008

My hysteroscopy is booked for next Friday.

Getting a date set really shouldn’t have been this difficult.

As I’ve mentioned before, the health insurance from the new job kicked in on September 1. Then I had to wait a few weeks while Human Resources and the insurance company figured out some logistics which would determine my choice of primary care doc. When I finally got the go-ahead, I found a doc who was actually taking new patients (apparently he has openings in his practice for a reason), and within two weeks I had seen him and obtained referrals. Once the referral went through, I called the RE, Dr. Full Steam Ahead, to set up an appointment for the hysteroscopy that is a necessary step between M/C #2 and IVF #2.

I was informed that surgeries were only booked twice a month, but that one of the November dates and one of the December dates were cancelled because of holidays. The only November date is a day when I absolutely can’t miss work, and the only December date is a day when I will be giving a talk to several hundred people. I really would have tried to accommodate most dates, but they picked two that were impossible. This meant I would have to wait until January.

Really? January? I have to wait until January before I can have the hysteroscopy, which means I can’t start the pre-cycle of IVF #2 until then? Really?

The scheduler said that sometimes, rarely, they open up an extra surgery day, and that she’d keep me on The List.

Periodically over the past four months since M/C #2, DH has asked, “Uh, what’s going on with the RE? When is the next IVF cycle?” and my response is always, “I have no idea.”

Surprisingly, after a couple of weeks, the RE’s scheduler left me a voicemail that they’d opened up a new surgery day in November — on a day when I can actually make it — and I should call back to set it up. I called back as soon as I got the message, but she’d left for the day. The next day, I called only to discover that the RE’s office was moving to a different building and that they couldn’t handle any business. Call back tomorrow.

I called back the next day. Still moving. Call back tomorrow.

I was frustrated, but I consoled myself with the thought that nobody else could get scheduled either, so my time slot was probably not going to get snapped up by someone else.

Finally the next day I reached her. “I’ve already got you down for November 14. You’re all set.”

Infertility is a series of fits and starts. Hurry up and wait. Running to stand still. Any other clichés you’d like to suggest?

4 Responses to “Appointment”

  1. IF is an alternatine series of making it happen and letting it happen.

    (Maybe that’s my own cliche.)

  2. Danielle Says:

    Sounds VERY frustrating, to say the least! Glad you got an appointment that works for you, though! I hope the days go by fats for you.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Cara Says:

    Oh – I got one..

    Jump over hurdles only to get underwhelmed.

    (too Austin Powers?)

    Hang in!


  4. Lisa DG Says:

    “There’s always next month” is one i have heard a few times. That very well may be true- but it is pretty much the LAST thing I want to hear.

    I am cheering you you. If you ever need to vent- I’m here. Thanks for your positive wishes. BTW- sometimes I have procedures done at other locations to shorten the time frame- just a thought moving forward.

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