The Day After

November 5, 2008

I just found myself wondering what the different front pages of newspapers look like today. I’d assume that all of the U.S. newspapers will have the same story above the fold, but perhaps some international papers might feature the election results less prominently. I remembered my trip to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. years ago, and the wall of front pages from around the world that they display every day. I remembered seeing the juxtaposition of some front pages from 1/22/73, in which almost all front pages covered Roe v. Wade except for one in Texas that had LBJ’s death spread across the entire front page and and Roe v. Wade on a different page. I lamented that I’m not near D.C. today to see what the journalists of the world make of the election results.

Then I checked the Newseum website.


The different perspectives from different regions are fascinating — the very first one, from the Anniston Star in Alabama, is perhaps the most poignant: “In Our Lifetime.” The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle devotes as much space to Obama’s victory as to the new mayor of Cheyenne. Smiling photos, somber photos; alone, with Michelle, with the kids.

Internationally, the Canadian coverage looks similar to the U.S. at least in terms of headlines and photos. Conversely, one German paper has an American flag and the words, “Guten Morgen, Mr. President.” When you look more closely, the flag is made of the faces of McCain and Obama. Most of the other international papers have a somber rather than smiling Obama. A paper in Barcelona has, instead of Obama, a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. Some papers focus on the impact of the election on their own country. Fascinating!

Some international papers are on a different news cycle or are not updated yet, but I’d guess that even when they are all updated, a few won’t address the election at all on the front page. In those cases, it’s interesting to see what constitutes bigger news than Obama’s victory.

Have fun!

Note: The link only displays the post-election results if you click today, November 5. If you happen to click on another day in the future, I’m sure you can see the day featured in the Archived Pages. If anything ever qualified as an event of historical significance…

Another note: I had been seriously threatening to move abroad if the election turned out differently. I really meant it… so phew! I get to stay for a while, or at least move on my own terms.

Final note: Wow! I can write a post that’s not about infertility!


One Response to “The Day After”

  1. Nity Says:

    That’s interesting to think about different paper perspectives. I’m going to check out some of the international sites I read occasionally. :o)

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