Report Card

September 11, 2008

Recently, the incomparable Lollipop Goldstein wrote about finishing her book, and how infertility and writing have been parallel struggles for her. In my comment to her post, I wrote:

I’ve never before thought of non-IF pursuits that are difficult to accomplish as being comparable to IF. The other stuff I could choose to accomplish if I want it enough, which sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t quite. But for me, no amount of wanting has been enough to bring a baby into being. I am a go-getter, and when I want something to happen I make it happen, and so IF has been my only true failure in life.

I’ve been thinking more about that F on my report card. No matter how many other A’s I get, that F really jumps out. No matter what happens in future semesters, the past 6.5 years of F’s will always be on my transcript.

And then I got to wondering about the rest of my report card. How am I doing as a student of life? As when I was in school, my courseload is heavier than perhaps it should be.

  • F Babymaking
  • B+ Dealing with infertility
  • A+ Self-administered injections
  • A- Career, short-term
  • B- Career, long-term (relative to my own expectations)
  • B+ Career, long-term (relative to the rest of my field)
  • A Wife
  • Pass Home Economics (taken Pass/Fail because most tasks are delegated to DH or paid contractors)
  • A- Hostess, houseguest
  • A Hostess, party
  • A Communications, Internet
  • C Communications, Friends and Family
  • A Pottery (A for effort, B- for actual skill)
  • B Literature
  • B Foreign languages
  • A Travel
  • B- Nutrition
  • C Phys. Ed.

Play along, if you like. What courses are you taking? What does your report card look like? You can even post it on your own blog and call it a meme if you really want. Just leave me a comment if you do. I didn’t like to compare grades in school, but now it would be fun to sneak a peek.


6 Responses to “Report Card”

  1. Nity Says:

    This is such an awesome post. You are seriously so creative. I’d have to think about my grades… I’m pretty logical, so I have to look at actual statistics in order to give grades… I’ll let you know if I figure them out. I would totally give myself an A for Internet Communication and C- for friend Communication.

  2. shinejil Says:

    Hmmm… That’s a tough one, because I still have so many assignments left to complete that I can’t figure out my final grades in my career or even babymaking. But I can award myself a proud A in foreign languages.

    At least I’ve learned something in all these years of education and wandering…

    And I think a B+ in coping is a damn fine grade. Lately, I’ve been down in the low Cs, methinks. 🙂

  3. Marie Says:

    Wow I was thinking about this the other night and actually commented on someone’s blog about it. Sadly I am not in a place to grade myself right now. Lets just say that I got my progress report and I am going to give myself a couple of weeks before grading.

  4. Murgdan Says:

    Excellent report card. But I’m just such a darn perfectionist that no matter how many awesome grades I might give myself on other parts of my life…I can’t help but focus in on the one crappy grade. Unfortunately there’s no effort on my part that could possibly change it. And there’s no curve.

  5. christina Says:

    I’m doing this tonight. What a great way to put things into perspective! Thanks for the creativity to get me started…and for the record, i think you have a report card to be very proud of.


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