Baby Factory

September 9, 2008

(Side note: I am currently halfway around the world, so here is with a post that i wrote a while back that I never got around to publishing. The topic is “evergreen,” as journalists would say.)

A few weeks back, there was a news article about a baby factory in Poland. Personally the term “baby factory” makes me think of the Play-Doh Fun Factory, but this is very different.

It’s a lot like a home for unwed mothers, except that the women have been purposely knocked-up. They are surrogates.

It seems like this kind of arrangement can do a lot of good for the surrogates, for the couples seeking them, and for the children who will be born. As presented in the article, everyone seems to be doing this for the good of others and for the good of their nation. But, aside from the “controversy” over religious reasons, which I do not share, I wonder whether this kind of situation opens the mothers (and maybe the couples?) up to the potential for exploitation, or whether it’s protecting them from exploitation.

I’m not very familiar with surrogacy, aside from what I’ve read in the ALI blogging community. For those who know more about it than I do, does anyone think that this type of “factory” would be good for the state of surrogacy in your own country, or do you prefer the current system?

One Response to “Baby Factory”

  1. Nity Says:

    Hi!! Welcome from your lands far away.

    This article is interesting. I can see why they might want to create such a business, but have mixed feelings over the emotional pain the surrogates might feel in the end. Seems a little like breeding pups to me.

    I thought of your Trade? post as I was writing greener grass. I think you started me thinking about whether I would change and then with everyone seeming so upset with situations we’re in, it just expanded a little.

    Hope you’re having a great time!!

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