Mad Men: Party Time

August 4, 2008

The second episode of Season 2 of Mad Men just aired. Last week I wrote about the burgeoning infertility storyline.

At the beginning of this episode, the infertile couple, The Campbells, walk into a party filled with the husband’s coworkers, and immediately run into the couple whose recent pregnancy announcement was so painful for Trudy Campbell. For the rest of the party, I was on pins and needles waiting to see if someone would say something related to infertility or reproduction — exactly the same way that I am on pins and needles when I am at a party or other social event. The pins and needles are worse when the event is populated by family members or lifelong friends.

For the rest of the Mad Men episode, the infertility storyline is dwarfed by a tragedy in the Campbell family. In actuality, there is no IF in this episode. (Meanwhile, the love child/adoption storyline has gotten much more interesting.) But now that Trudy’s IF has been revealed, I cannot think of anything else when she is on screen. I wonder what non-infertiles think about when they watch.

A question to anyone reading this who may be parenting after IF: once you have a child, do the pins and needles go away? Or does the spectre of IF always loom in social situations — for example, fear that someone might ask when you are going to have baby #2?


4 Responses to “Mad Men: Party Time”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Ooh, I’m defintley going to have to come back to see if anybody answers your question because I’ve been pondering the same thing for a while now. I suspect once and infertile always an infertile, so lets see…

  2. Marie Says:

    I always get addicted to storylines that have infertility in the background. I love Brothers and Sisters due to that.

    I am already a parent but my parents and I were discussing how this time around parenting will be different becuase we have waited and wanted this for so long.

    I jokingly said I would be one of those women who do stupid stuff like breast feed till my kids go to school. jk!!!

  3. Nity Says:

    I’m sorry I was so backed up on my reading… trying to catch up (as seen from multiple comments).

    I don’t have any personal experience with secondary infertility, but I have 2 friends who both struggled their first time. One, the second time got pregnant on her own (her kids will be 15 mo apart). The other, got pregnant her first or second month trying. It almost seemed like they worked out the kinks so it was pretty easy. I think the social question might relate to what people know about your struggle to begin with and whether or not you have to plan or ‘accidentally’ get pregnant.

    I cannot imagine that these anxiety feelings go away though. That would be awesome!!

  4. Star Says:

    I’m almost to the point where this is an issue. My in- laws do not know that we had any problems the first time around, and we’re just beginning to emerge from the grace period (he’s 13 mos old now). Last week my MIL asked my husband if I was pregnant again because she “just had a feeling.” Ugh. I think the grace period socially will probably extend another year or so, but if we’re not pregnant by then, it will absolutely be pins and needles again.

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