Show and Tell: Underpants

August 3, 2008

As I mentioned yesterday, for years I have been making plans to prepare for future possible pregnancy. Thanks to my planning taking the intermittent forms of action and inaction, I now have a four-door car, a rocking chair, a cabinet full of baby toys and books, a dozen books on pregnancy and childbirth, a brand new job with a great health plan, and a single pair of jeans.

I also have a motley crew of underpants. Some are old; I keep them in a special bin in the closet in case of laundry emergency. (The old ones have come in handy with the oozy progesterone suppositories, since I’d rather not risk ruining good underpants.) Some underpants are uncomfortable, others create unsightly visible panty lines, and one extremely impractical pair has sequins. The sequin days are long gone.

Victoria’s Secret used to make comfortable cotton bikinis that I liked, but a few years ago they stopped, and my stockpile have gradually all been developing holes.

I haven’t been able to find any other cotton bikinis that I like, so I have moved on to quick-dry underpants marketed for exercise and camping. I have tried a few different brands, and there is only one that I really like, made by “technical” clothing company Ex Officio. They are perfectly comfortable, low profile, quick-drying, and reasonably cute. Whenever there is a fresh load of laundry, they are my go-to pair, and then until the next load of laundry is done I have to settle for lesser underpants.

A couple of times a week I pass the store where I bought my favorite underpants, and I never go in to buy another pair. My rationale is the same dumb excuse that I have been using for years: I won’t be able to use them anymore if I become pregnant.

But now, I’m sick of having one good underwear day a week. Empowered by my new blogging insights, I decided to embrace today, and buy more underpants.


Today the store only had one pair in my size, in this fun berry color. I think I may go online and buy another few pairs in a rainbow of colors. Hooray for living in the now!


9 Responses to “Show and Tell: Underpants”

  1. Nic Says:

    Hurray for comfy knickers!! You go – in fact buy MILLIONS. Isn’t that just the time when the unexpected happens? 😉

    I joined weighwatchers on day 5 of 2ww on my last IVF….wondered why I was so bloody hungry!

    Not that I am ever accused of negative thinking, you understand!


  2. Wishing4One Says:

    I love your underpants. I too have a stockpile of VS panties. My stock is from when they started making without tags inside. They’re ok i guess but I like the idea of your sporting ones….You know I NEVER thought of being pregnant when it came to my undies, not once. Oh well, i guess it turned out ok as no luck so far. Hope you have better luck than me real soon. Thats for this cute post.

  3. HeidiM Says:

    Great post. I love the color of the ones you bought. Every time I buy new undies, I’ll buy one pair in several styles with full intention of going back to the store and buying tons more of the ones I ended up liking best. Of couse I have never actually gone back to the store to get my faves so none of mine are even the same style. I can relate to going for the faves when all the laundry is done.

  4. mdep Says:

    Great post.

    I kept a pair of really stretched out pants for “when I got pregnant” for years. I finally donated them to goodwill this past year. Here’s to living in the now!! (though I’m not suggesting you should donate your old undies to goodwill….)

  5. Clare Says:

    I always buy a several year supply of anything like that when I’ve finally lucked into a type I like. My favourite knickers were the bikini ones sold at Cosco – when I had friends back home send me some, the style was differet – arggg – but I’ve adjusted and they are now my new favourites!

    Way to go – living in the now is a great thing!

  6. Michell Says:

    Gotta love comfy and cute panties. And I giggle at the whole nice panties as opposed to old ratty ones that you save for period days or progesterone days. Hope though that soon your panties don’t fit because your pregnant.

  7. Heather Says:

    I miss those VS cotton bikinis too! All mind are sprouting holes and generally getting worn out. And they were the perfect fit/comfort level too. 😦 I guess I’ll have to go undie shopping myself soon.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Isn’t that just how it goes – you find something you really like and the company stops making it? You have to have comfy panties, else the whole day is miserable. I’m glad you found your new favorites.

  9. Nity Says:

    I love this!! I totally miss the VS undies. My mom bought me their ‘new’ version and they just aren’t the same. My underclothes are still not where they should be… but I’m terrible about going and buying things these days. You’re going to inspire me!!

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