July 27, 2008

What fun this week has been! Comments given, comments received, comments returned, blogs added to my RSS feed, caring and friendliness and well-wishes all around.
I am not sure how others go about moving through the IComLeavWe list, but I thought that, to commemorate the last day of official comments until next month, I might share my method.
Rather than starting at the beginning or the end (which would unfairly penalize either the procrastinators like myself or the early birds, respectively), I decided to move systematically through the list by 10’s. I started with my own number, #128, and moved backwards to all of the numbers ending in 8 (118, 108, 98, 88…). Then, the 7’s (127, 117, 107… to 7), and the 6’s, and so on through the whole list.
I recorded the comments I had left (including whether regular comments or returned comments) on a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets already have numbers for each row, so it really was easy — just had to add the date that I commented, and an extra note to indicate returned comments.
Once I had finished the by-tens method (around Wednesday), I looked at the list and tried to fill in big blank spots. For example, if I did not leave any comments between #100 and #120, I would try to fill in something around #110 or so.
After that, I started going one by one through the list, starting at #1. Early birds get the wormy comment this time.
I also had a separate system for returning comments. I usually returned multiple comments per day, especially to those commenters who seemed to have particularly responded to my post (whether intellectually, emotionally, etc.). I generally did not return de facto comments in which the commenter just said a few words for the sake of commenting — nothing personal, but there were so many commenters that left long posts with a lot of emotional content that I felt like I should respond to those first.
For my first pass by 10’s, I only went to blogs that addressed infertility but did not mention children in the description — sometimes, I’m not in the mood to read about other people’s children, as happy as I may be that they are able to have them. I also skipped blogs on non-infertility topics for the first pass.
When returning comments, I did read blogs that mentioned children or weren’t about IF.
Then, when I went through the list systematically, I looked at every blog, including non-IF and those that mentioned children. I was probably still less likely to comment on those than on IF blogs, but I did comment sometimes.
At one point, I was a little IF’d out, and I started looking specifically for the non-IF (but non-parenting) blogs. That only lasted one day, and then I was okay with every topic, even parenting.
Because I will be busy all day on Sunday, I tried to accumulate some extra comments on other days.
I only commented when I actually had something substantive (and preferably insightful) to say about any of the most recent posts. No de facto comments from me.
Based on the small number of commenters on my blog who said that they were returning a post, I get the feeling that I do a lot more returning than most people. I have been averaging almost 7 total comments per day (not counting multiple comments to the same blog), of which more than 2 per day are returned comments. I guess 2 doesn’t sound like that much after all, but it’s double the normal ICLW quota. I think next month I’ll up the number of returned comments even more. Maybe one month when I have more time, I’ll shoot for Iron Commenter status.
How have you been approaching ICLW?

14 Responses to “IComLeavWe”

  1. Sassy Says:

    You are so organised. I just start from the top and work my way down. I’m trying for Iron Commenter status but doing seven posts in seven days has used up all my brain power. I’m already planning for next month though.

  2. Alisia Says:

    Wow, what a methodical approach! This is my 1st time participating in ICLW, and I have to admit my commenting has been very haphazard, which makes it harder as the week progresses!

  3. Nity Says:

    That’s amazingly complicated!! I considered doing ICLW this month, but things were a little busy… I’m definately going to come back to this post if I do next month to review strategy…

  4. Star Says:

    Wow, how organized! I sort of randomly clicked on different blogs on the list, based on whether their descriptions sounded interesting. I think I’ve seen each blog at least once. I can’t necessarily relate to all blogs; generally I gravitate to those most like my own in the sense of longer posts with more serious subject matter, because that’s what’s most likely to provide me with something on which I feel I can comment. I also try to leave only substantive comments — I don’t have a problem with non-substantive ones, I’m just personally more comfortable with that. I did cheat a little — I counted comments I left on blogs not on the list because I’ve been so busy since I’ve been working this week. I particularly enjoyed finding your blog and have added you to my bloglines.

  5. I used random.org a few days. Yesterday I was so busy that I did mainly my “regular” reads. I don’t usually note that I’m returning a comment, during ICLW week or otherwise… but MOST people who read my blog are good about returning comments, and I try to do the same. Some days I just don’t have anything to say, though. 🙂

  6. Nic Says:

    Like a social butterfly! Actually – my confession is, I am new to all this, and didn’t read the instructions properly, dived into it with both feet, and started commenting my little head off way back in the month. And then discovered ICLW actually clashed with our holiday! So, I have done it, and I haven’t, if you KWIM. But I am being a faithful commenter and having a good old skip through as much as I can now we’re back. And I am really, REALLY enjoying finding all these wonderful new blogs I haven’t seen before.

    The replies to comments I am still learning! It’s a new concept to me, and am still getting to grips with it.

    Nice to meet you! xx

  7. Arian Says:

    I only wish I could have made ICLW that organized! It has been fun though and I’ve enjoyed reading blogs that I wouldn’t otherwise have found!

  8. I am still commenting today….since the 28th is listed as part of the week. 🙂

  9. Brandygirl Says:

    I am quite late with ICLW. I started by commenting every 10 blogs. So, I was down to 20 blogs last week till i got busy and now I am hoping to complete the list by today. I found it hard to comment on blogs with children, as much as I’d like to.

    Yeah, with the previous NCLM, i realised that though i had commented on so many, i had few returned. Maybe they just didn’t like my blog? Oh well, that’s fine with me. But I have found some very close bloggers from NCLM.

    Here from ICLW

  10. hope2morrow Says:

    You are cracking me up. I love your system. I too love to be organized and have spreadsheets and sticky notes for everything. I wasn’t as organized this time around due to lack of time, but I was kicking myself by midweek because I had randomly chosen blogs off the list and had no clue what blogs I had visited and which ones I hadn’t. I like the way you are so great at trying to return comments. Are you, by chance, a Type A Personality? I am!

  11. Alicia Says:

    wow quite the system! I just copied the list into a spreadsheet and have been going through them in order! I have 2 left, yay!! It has been a lot of fun. I know personnaly I return comments to every single person who comments on my blog!

    here from ICLW

  12. Mrs Woggie Says:

    Thank you for visiting me. I love that you could relate to what I was writing about the baby dancing marathon that I’ve been currently undergoing. It’s so nice to feel “normal” at an un normal time. I too got quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of IF blogs, but the same as you, it didn’t last long! I’ll most certainly be coming back here, your comment really did touch me. Thank you.

  13. Raggedy Ann Says:

    Well, I have to admit I chose blogs by title. Just like some people choose books. I’m a new kid on the block so it’s going to take me a while to get ,y head round the whole thing.


  14. Anne Says:

    Wow, I am very impressed by your thoroughness. I just tooled around looking for titles/descriptions that appealed to me (yours!) and clicking away at random. I wound up falling far behind on comments, What’s the opposite of an Iron Commenter? A rusty one?!

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