I finally create a blog.

July 20, 2008

Welcome to my blog, dear reader! And welcome to the infertility blogosphere, me!

We have been trying to conceive for over 6 years — since before blogs really existed. In that time, I have used the internet in every other possible way available to an Infertile Myrtle: message boards, medical websites, fertility tracking, reviews of fertility doctors and clinics, first-person accounts of various interventions, getting ahead of myself by researching doulas and baby furniture, and so much more… if you’re reading this, you probably have your own similar list. I have been lurking on various infertility blogs for a while, but always avoided creating my own. For a while, I was trying to keep IF out of the forefront of my mind. Then, when IF pushed its way back to the forefront, I hoped that our newly escalating interventions would be successful, I would graduate from the IF world, and therefore an infertility-oriented blog would be moot. That didn’t pan out. To keep myself sane in the few months until our next IVF cycle and beyond, I decided that it was finally time to create my own blog and hopefully share some insights.

We have been very secretive about TTC and IF in our real lives, so it will be interesting to finally put some of the secrets out there for the world to see (everyone in the world except the people that we actually know, who we will still keep in the dark).

I don’t know how it ends, but I predict excitement, drama, romance, and a few laughs. Come along for the ride!

One Response to “I finally create a blog.”

  1. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    Nice having you here Cass….I jogged through the archives to find your first post!

    For being an year old on this blogosphere, you are phenomenal at it!

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